Feedthrough Series

Feedthrough Series

A choice of vacuum feedthroughs in BNC (Bayonet Naval Connector), MHV (Miniature High Voltage), SHV (Safe High Voltage) standards with CF, KF and ISO-K / F flanges.

Select the categories you are interested in using the options below and you will find the tables with the available models. In the tables you can see our most common proposals, but they are only a selection and we invite you to contact us for a quotation for the item that you are looking for indicating the environment of use, the voltage, the number and type of connectors, the kind and the dimension of the flange and the amount of required pieces.

Availability to provide Coaxial type passers Coaxial SubMiniature-D and SMA (SubMiniature type-A) even on different flanges and with specific materials.

Items are guaranteed and tested for use in High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum environment (HV and UHV).

All images are intended as examples and do not refer to a specific item.