Some answers to common questions.

Pictures of the items are truthful?

The photos posted in the individual items are examples indicative of the category.


Data sheets and descriptions of the articles are in English, correct?

Yes, being article intended to use highly professional we preferred to leave their description in English to avoid translation errors. Nevertheless, we remain at your disposal to provide additional pre-sales information to avoid possible errors in your choice.



Being our site aimed at a market within the European Community the reference currency is the Euro.


What is the process of user registration?

The steps are as follows:

1 - Registration of new user;

2 - wait for the mailbox specified in paragraph 1 arrivals an email with a link that allows the effective activation of the user. Without this step you will not be able to log-in. If you do not receive the email check that did not go in Spam and if it were not so, but the mail has not arrived you can also ask for our intervention through one of the methods outlined in page;

3 - after clicking the link in the mail the user is active and you can log in with the user name and password chosen and you will be redirected on the page of your profile;

4 - in the right hand column you will find the area 'Menu' with the link to 'My Account', click on it;

5 - click on 'Modify Your Address Book Entries';

6 - You will see the first 'Address Book Entry' and clicking on the button 'Edit', you can enter all your information, for shipping and billing (Company Name, VAT ID, etc.). Fields marked with a red asterisk are required and until they are given you can not save the data. Once you completed the form save it and then you can start making your purchases.

In case of problems please contact us through one of the methods outlined in page


ICF or CF?

The comparison of size for UHV is shown in the table below and those with our logo are those specified in our site.

  ICF34 ICF54 ICF70 ICF86 ICF114 ICF152 ICF203 ICF253 ICF305 ICF350
  CF10 CF16 CF25




CF50 CF63 CF100



CF200 CF250 CF300
  DN10 DN16 DN25




DN50 DN63 DN100



DN200 DN250 DN300
DN-10CF DN-16CF D5-25CF




DN-50CF DN-63CF DN-100CF



DN-200CF DN-250CF DN-300CF


end faq