In short

  • Custom conditions for You

  • Free Quotes

  • Prices excluding VAT per item (special rates and conditions for greater quantities)

  • Minimum order € 100.00

  • Shipping € 30.00 for orders less than € 1,000.00 and free for larger orders


In detail

Our Headquarters

The headquarters of Pra.Ma. di Da Prada Mario established in Italy at Via Carlo Pisacane, 1 - 23035 - SONDALO – SO (Italy) and is subject to Italian and european tax regulations.


User account registration

The registration of users on the site is absolutely free and allows to exploit all the features of our site and our services.

The registration implies the acceptance of our 'Privacy Policy'.

The registration and cancellation of your personal data from our records can be requested at any time via our 'contact' page.


Customer type

Our site provides different types of customers, depending on the operating segment and of the job (laboratory, professional, representative, etc.). Upon registration you will be automatically entered into the group of 'default', but you will be contacted to assess the most appropriate category and the best commercial terms that may be offered. Options include customized both in contact mode, priority order, bands discount and payment terms to suit your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us through our 'contact' page.


Countries in which we operate

Our site is for a trade in a well defined area visible in the page 'Where we work'.

If you're out of our area, but in our catalog you can find articles of interest to you, please contact us and one of our representatives will evaluate your request.


Availability and timing of goods

At our office we have an availability of selected items based on the requests received. In case of lack of availability of an item it will be indicate 'Pre-Order (XX days)', but the timing indicated is the maximum which is actually much higher than the actual times. For every item there is the possibility to be contacted when its availability is restored and to do this, simply use the special button 'Notify me'.



All amounts shown on are VAT excluded.

The fees are calculated only in the stages of completion of the order after you log in. Depending on your type of user will be handled taxes.



Each order is bound to the registration of a user which will be given a type of payment that may be advanced or delayed with deadlines to be decided when registering users.



The cost of shipment of goods is € 30.00 for orders of less than € 1,000.00 and free for higher amounts.

Will ship only by courier, post or our personnel and where possible will be also provided traceability.



Premise that all prices listed in the catalog are for each piece. Every order placed on our catalog will still be regarded as a request for quote. Our estimates are all free and non-binding, even with customizations for specific requests (see page 'Customization') and orders will be processed only after receiving your acceptance to our listing.


Sample request

If you wish to receive a sample of our products You can make a request and depending on the material we will provide a possible kits to fair value.


Request information and / or marketing material

On the site we try to provide all the necessary information, but if you wish to receive further information material (brochures, catalogs, etc.) Please contact us freely and we will try to provide what you need.


MEPA (Italy only)

We are on the MEPA where we loaded our other articles in the category 'options, accessories and consumables for laboratory equipment'. We will continue to add items to suit your requirements and with the conditions set out in the estimate. In the event that your purchase needs to be made by MEPA it is enough that you indicate in communications with us.



Our products have all the quality assurance provided by the manufacturers.