View Port Series

View Port Series

Two important things we need to do during the work progress in the environment of High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum (HV and UHV) are seeing the execution and access it when needed. To do these things, we have created the category View Port Series which contains the necessary.

In this category you will find: UHV Kodial View Port, UHV Glass Shield, Quick Access Door with View Port and View Port Shutter.

Our most used raw materials are: SUS304, Stainless, Viton, Kodial and other on request.

The peculiarities of our items in this section are: the quick and easy installation that is not bound by forced positions.

Also in this category you will find some items that did not indicate the price, then You have to ask for a quote that will be provided fast and free. The same can do to ask for parts with different dimensions or materials.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request about technical features and raw materials.