Variable Leak Valve

Variable Leak Valve

Valves, in all their forms and functions, covering a very important part in applications of Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV). In our catalog you will find a wide selection of these components, a choice in form, in size as well as in various features, both manual and motorized.

All valves are designed with care and built with quality materials for work in cryogenic environments and at high temperatures, in clean and where it is needed low or no degasification.

In this category you will find: Variable Leak Valve.

The valves are supplied with both flanges ICF/CF that KF according to the need and the use for which they are designed. Achievements were quick installation and easy replacement of spare parts

Our most used raw materials are: SUS304, Stainless, Aluminum and other on request.

We are at your disposal for any kind of request about the shape and raw materials.

For information please contact us.

Technical information:

All metal design
Accurately gas flow control
Inlet pressure up to 10 bar
Spare parts easy change
Easy installation

Code Inlet flange Outlet flange Leak rate
VLV-34 ICF34 CF16 ICF34 CF16 10ˉ¹¹
ICF34 CF16 ICF70 CF35
Unit: mm

Variable Leak Valve

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