Flexible Connectors

Flexible Connectors

We have a wide range of flexible connectors designed to withstand the most diverse applications both as regards the vacuum and ultra high vacuum (UHV) that extreme temperatures. Thanks to their ability to absorb vibrations and temperature differences the classic use of these particular connectors is to connect the chambers with other chambers or pumps, components and instrumentation.

All hoses, both those hydroformed that those welded, are made with materials and techniques of high quality.

In this category you will find: KF Hydroformed Bellows, ICF HV / UHV Hydroformed Bellows, KF Edge Welded Bellows and ICF HV / UHV Edge Welded Bellows.

The ICF type hoses are equipped with a rotating flange.

Our raw materials most used are: SUS304 and other on request.

In this category you will find the most requested articles and ready for delivery, but it is also our practice to provide specific measures according to your requests so don't hesitate to ask for a quote specifying the measures that you need and we will respond You as soon as possible.

We are also at your disposal for any requirement as to the form and raw materials.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or requests.